A Passion for Giving Back

The Path to Philanthropy

It started with Eugene’s parents and the leaders that came before him. Everything they taught him made an impact, and Gene developed a passion for making a difference and improving the lives of those around him.His motivation for philanthropy was driven by his innate ability to lead. 

“When you are a leader, you are making people follow in your footsteps, and doing what is right for the community and what is right for our people,” Gene Applebaum
A Passion for Giving Back
A Passion for Giving Back
“I hope that the people who write history in the time that I have been here, say we did all we could to keep the legacy going and that we continued to make our community great.”
-Eugene Applebaum

Philanthropy: More than an Obligation, a Privilege 

Gene’s philanthropic interests were vast, and the depth of his desire to give back was immense. Through his philanthropy, Gene supported his love for the Jewish people, Israel and the Detroit Jewish community. He was also passionate about supporting healthcare, education, the arts and ensuring Detroit's overall strength. He gave back because of what he believed, but also to inspire others to do the same.

“Philanthropy is part and parcel of life. First you take care of your family, then your community. Then you help the nation and the world. This is more than an obligation. It is a privilege.” - Gene Applebaum
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