From Generation to Generation

Carrying on the Legacy

The Guiding Example

Eugene Applebaum married his wife Marcia in 1961. They had two daughters, Lisa and Pamela, and four grandchildren. They both believed it was critical to impart the lessons and values that have guided them to their children and grandchildren.

“He was a phenomenal role model,” Gene’s daughter Pamela said. “He always felt very strongly about taking care of the generation before you and he made sure we were all involved in caring for both his and our mother’s parents. Caring for family was always really important to him and that transfers to the whole community at large. You can’t just take care of yourself. You have to take care of others.”

Gene’s daughter Lisa shared a similar sentiment:

“One of the most important things he taught us is to give back, and how much of a difference it can make in the lives of others,” she said. “To help them through a crisis… or just to fulfill a dream. I carry my dad’s values around with me.”
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Inspiring Future Generations

Gene was incredibly proud of his family. He took great pride in seeing his daughters, and now his grandchildren, set their own example of being good to others, being good to the community, of taking part in Jewish life and taking care of one another. When it came to Gene’s vision for the future, he knew that his family would continue to express his commitment to tzedakah and embrace the great responsibility of sharing success for the benefit of others, especially for those here in Detroit and in Michigan.


From Generation to Generation (from right) Eugene Applebaum, Lisa Applebaum, Marcia Applebaum and Pamela Applebaum. 

An Indelible Imprint

Gene was proud that his philanthropy helped to strengthen his community first and foremost, and made a difference in the areas of medical research and health care, education and in the cultural arts.

“With hard work, integrity and a big heart, you can achieve so much,” Gene once said. “Yet even more, be so fulfilled. My parents were great role models and taught me this. Marcia and I have tried to do the same, and I know my family will carry this forward.”

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